Our Team

Lee Smith
Managing Partner
Jessica Ruvin
Jamie Bonner

Lee Smith

Lee Smith is an award-winning merger and acquisition specialist with shareholdings in seven UK companies.

Lee started his finance career back in the late 1990’s, working as a consultant for top ten London law firms such as McKenna & Co, Nabarro Nathanson and Linklaiters. Lee then consulted at boutique investment firm Mansford Holdings where he gained an insight into the investment world and discovered exciting investment strategies that got him interested in portfolio investments and acquisitions.

Lee did his first merger in 2014 and then went on to start BID Assets, an investment company for businesses operating below potential and acquired 9 companies from 2015 to Nov 2017. Lee has been featured on BBC Radio and Sky News, providing business commentary as an industry expert and currently lives in London, England. From May 2018 to February 2019 Lee grew his IT group revenue by 520% and the EBIT by 400%.

Lee is now focused on profitable companies with EBIT exceeding £500k, is currently involved in a Frankfurt PLC and is also working on roll-ups in the IT and Construction sectors.

The M&A industry has a reputation for being notoriously unscrupulous, and I wanted to rebel against this. Consequently, Verdani Investments was born.

Jessica Ruvin

Prior to joining Verdani in July 2018, Jess was involved in the hospitality communications industry, where she led all comms for over 20 restaurants and bars within London; and played an instrumental role in the rapid growth of the company.

Jess decided to pursue a different trajectory and move into the M&A sector. With a highly innovative approach to the investment world, she is able to consistently deliver exceptional work.

Jess holds a Master of Arts degree in Media and Communications from City, University of London where she got a distinction for her research of British media.

Jamie Bonner

Jamie has worked in finance for over 10 years, working in all manners of accounting and finance roles. He began as an accounts clerk, working upwards and moving into management accounts, financial management and M&A.

He has worked for small businesses, start-ups and global multinational brands and more recently in the training and IT sector. He has a unique approach to finance procedures and accounting system reviews that maximises time efficiency.

His main aim is to work on simplifying the accounts processes so management and shareholders can easily obtain clear figures so that business strategies and forecasting can be developed effectively.